Domonique Mario

‘Things #2’ – 2011

[From an e-mail to Rob Youngson]

How curious. I saw Simon’s blog too, about a month ago. An element of synchronicity? Or more likely; that things come together in their own good time, with their own logic. We just don’t see the connections.
And then you emailed me…

It is encouraging that you mention the technologists. I have felt a little isolated having struggled to explain the ideas. Mostly people say “Yea, it’s about the latest technology. Big deal!” Or think it’s some kind of remake of the Gadget Show.
Actually it is simply the idea that interesting things happen just beyond the edge of normal functioning/experience.
I pursued this idea with varying results. And frequently discovered that interesting ideas don’t always look good. What is ‘look good’? Hmmm… But you know what I mean. That’s what we artists do I guess. We are supposed to know what looks good. And I think we are also supposed to look ‘just beyond’ and struggle with the consequences. So I’ve become more interventionist with my work. Meaning I fiddle with it a lot more until it takes on an arbitrary shape that I’m happy with. Very technical!