Endo Akira

Computer art

‘No I do not notice when me reboot. Do you?’ – 2012

“The most important decision is when to stop.”

You have tried to group your extensive catalogue into sections. I notice that a few of your digital paintings could easily be considered in several.
I like to concentrate on various aspects and the categories help me focus. Even though I’m exploring different aspects of my photo images, my concerns, interests remain the same. In any case my efforts are all driven by the same emotional commitment. So there is bound to be some cross-over in my work. In fact consistency means there should be more. Mostly I get accused of too much diversity. Too much, as if there is an acceptable level we should all adhere to.
It seems I can’t win.

How do you separate your art from your commercial work?
I don’t separate aspects of my work like I used to. It doesn’t matter in what capacity, whether I’m functioning as a fine artist, producer or commercial artist, I’m just making ‘Visual Decisions’ of various importance.

What are the most important decisions?
The most important decision is when to stop. I can’t control when to start.

Teoman Irmak

‘I do not eat or sleep I eat only electricity’ – 2009