Love Clarice

Teoman Irmak

‘Line and Edge tool’ – 2010

“Art is not important; what it can be used for is.”

The textures created by the limited pallet become very homogenous. The more I paired down the tones and streamlined the shapes the more the piece gained coherence.
Simplicity is always better. There is not a lot there, it is not empty but there is a lot of space. I try to leave a lot of room for… I don’t know what…

Sometimes it is necessary for individuals to work things out for themselves. No hints, no guidance, no easy assumptions, no elegant revelations. What is the conclusion when there are no wrong answers? We are just left with opinions suspended in the ether.

Art is not important; what it can be used for is. In the same way opinions are not important either; until they bring about change.


‘More is less’ – 2012