Hilde Tijuana

Teoman Irmak

‘You’ve got a right nerve, it took you two seconds to type that!’ – 2008

“The demands of display are shaping the work.”

Images once digitised, that is essentially become a stream of numbers, are open to different interpretations. They can be read as text or ASCII symbols to be more correct. The numbers that don’t have an alphanumeric character assigned to them are sometimes displayed as configurations of solid blocks. This is the starting point for these second generation images.

I think a lot of contemporary art is produced very hastily. There are very few things equivalent to the Sistine Chapel today. Installations don’t take 12 years. I think it has nothing to do with style or the content; just that there is less time spent on the creation. My own work is an example. Guilty as charged.

What I’m getting at is that the demands of display are shaping the work. Perhaps it always has. I just think I notice it more now.