Narcisa Gwendolyn

Teoman Irmak

‘Stajaa’ – 2007

“The other option is don’t watch anything and claim your life back.”

The net is full of data bouncing about.   
The world is already filled with images.
What we most need right now is more art. Right?

Information has become merely entertainment. As so much is easily available it is difficult to differentiate what is important with what is interesting with what is relevant. The knowledge economy keeps on growing as we need to know more about things and each other. It also becomes quite distracting.

A lot of material will never be seen purely because there is so much content now. Unfortunately there still remains the same amount of time to view it. That hasn’t changed. All this stuff is whizzing past, mostly never to be seen due to time constraints. And it will get worse. There will be more stuff generated that will never be seen and then more and more and not enough hours in the day to pay attention to it all.

In the case of TV for example, there are so many channels that it seems that I need to time-shift programs. But to watch later means I don’t watch what is currently being shown. And there is always something that is current. So I’m supposed to save up and play back what I’m interested in some other time. I’m sure that is how it’s meant to work. Constantly scanning, constantly recording and trying to catch up with the proliferation of stuff. Some choice.
The other option is don’t watch anything and claim your life back.